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DocToHtml—Change Log

We fixed many bugs and added many features thanks to feedback from our users. Feel free to e-mail your suggestions to feedback@opilsoft.com.

20-DEC-2012 - v 3.53 build 339

Significant improvements in help documentation.

01-DEC-2012 - v 3.53 build 338

Added set of advanced options for processing footnotes and endnotes.

10-NOV-2012 - v 3.52 build 337

Added support for MS Word 2013 (32-bit edition only).

Discontinued support for Windows 2000.

01-NOV-2012 - v 3.52 build 335

Changed status of support for 64-bit MS Word 2010 from BETA to stable.

Fixed some bugs.

18-SEP-2012 - v 3.52 build 334 BETA

Fixed bug with broken drag-and-drop in Vista.

Fixed bug with alternative image saving method.

08-SEP-2012 - v 3.52 build 331 BETA

Fixed bug with wrong logic of "New Project" menu item.

Fixed some other bugs.

06-SEP-2012 - v 3.52 build 330 BETA

Made minor improvements.

31-AUG-2012 - v 3.52 build 329 BETA

Fixed bug with exception when processing document's background color.

30-AUG-2012 - v 3.52 build 328 BETA

Fixed some bugs.

29-AUG-2012 - v 3.52 build 326 BETA

Added option to scale images before processing.

25-AUG-2012 - v 3.51 build 325 BETA

Added option to use built-in converter to save images, which improves their quality in some cases.

21-AUG-2012 - v 3.50 build 324 BETA

Added option to redefine filenames for output images.

Fixed minor bug with handling Unicode image filenames.

17-AUG-2012 - v 3.50 build 323 BETA

Added "OUTLINE" variable to list of built-in variables.

Fixed minor bug with wrong alphabetic list item marks.

14-AUG-2012 - v 3.50 build 322 BETA

Fixed bug with processing of some tables with complex structure.

11-AUG-2012 - v 3.50 build 321 BETA

Added experimental (BETA) support for 64-bit MS Word 2010.

Moved "Minimize to Tray" button, which tended to disappear from Progress Form's window caption area, to Progress Form's bottom-left corner.

Fixed bug with broken drag-and-drop support in Windows 7.

16-JUL-2012 - v 3.31 build 319

Added processing of footnotes and endnotes with asterisk (*) as a mark.

10-JUN-2012 - v 3.30 build 318

Fixed bug with inability to restore Progress Form from tray.

Fixed bug with erroneous replacement of some characters in hyperlinks by HTML entities.

Fixed some other bugs.

20-APR-2012 - v 3.30 build 317

Fixed some bugs.

04-APR-2012 - v 3.30 build 316

Fixed bug with handling spaces in filenames.

16-MAR-2012 - v 3.30 build 314

Fixed some bugs in search-and-replace procedure.

10-MAR-2012 - v 3.30 build 312

Fixed some bugs.

27-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 311

Fixed some bugs.

24-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 310

Fixed some bugs.

21-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 309

Fixed some bugs.

17-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 308

Fixed some bugs.

12-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 307

Fixed minor bugs.

08-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 306

Fixed bug with processing nested ordered lists.

01-FEB-2012 - v 3.30 build 304

Fixed bug with disappearing XE entries.

30-JAN-2012 - v 3.30 build 303

Fixed bug with "List index out of bounds" error message in batch converter.

24-JAN-2012 - v 3.30 build 302

Fixed some bugs.

18-JAN-2012 - v 3.30 build 301

Fixed bug with broken clipboard access.

Fixed bug with deletion of auto-numbering fields (SEQ) after updating them.

Fixed bug with incorrect calculation of elapsed and remaining time (progress) in case of midnight transition during conversion.

Made many corrections in Help documentation.

14-JAN-2012 - v 3.27 build 300

Added ability to customize paddings and borders for table cells.

Fixed some bugs.

10-JAN-2012 - v 3.26 build 299 BETA

Made improvements in processing of MS Word Fields and using of JavaScript.

07-JAN-2012 - v 3.25 build 298 BETA

Added ability to process cross-referenced links to bookmarks.

Added ability to set custom filenames for output document parts.

Fixed some bugs.

02-JAN-2012 - v 3.22 build 295

Added ability to process Headers and Footers.

Added "unsupported formatting" and "speeding-up of conversion" topics to Help documentation.

01-DEC-2011 - v 3.21 build 293

Fixed some bugs.

16-NOV-2011 - v 3.21 build 286

Fixed minor bugs.

15-NOV-2011 - v 3.21 build 285

Fixed bug with processing special characters and blocked clipboard.

09-NOV-2011 - v 3.21

Fixed bug with processing some special characters in "Symbol" font.

04-NOV-2011 - v 3.20

Added search-and-replace post-processing functionality.

18-OCT-2011 - v 3.14 build 280

Added ability to open resulting (X)HTML not only in default browser, but also in other installed browsers.

Added option to always use original document's filename as initial value for Title tag.

Fixed bug with broken "Delete" button within HTML templates editor.

15-OCT-2011 - v 3.12 build 276

Fixed bug with non-inserting of "margin" property for lists when inline styles are ON.

12-OCT-2011 - v 3.12 build 275

Fixed bug with non-recognizing of "auto" value for paragraph intervals property.

09-OCT-2011 - v 3.12 build 273

Added ability to process Phonetic Guides (in particular, Furigana and Pinyin).

Added option not to process footnote and endnote formatting to speed-up conversion.

Fixed some minor bugs.

02-OCT-2011 - v 3.11 build 272

Added ability to specify styles using only inline "style" attributes.

Added ability to convert complex (double, dashed, or dotted) underline styles and different underline colors.

Fixed bug with incorrect conversion of text line height.

Fixed bug with processing of protected documents.

Fixed some minor bugs.

23-SEP-2011 - v 3.10 build 265

Fixed bug with incorrect processing of first paragraph.

20-SEP-2011 - v 3.10 build 264

Fixed bug with incorrect conversion of non-ASCII characters within metatag values.

Fixed bug with incorrect closing of MS Word after invoking auto-update procedure.

16-SEP-2011 - v 3.10 build 243

Fixed bug with creation of templates.

05-SEP-2011 - v 3.10 (stable release)

Fixed many minor bugs.

23-AUG-2011 - v 3.10 BETA

Added support for different output encodings, including UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Added support for Unicode surrogate pairs in input document character stream.

Now by default, CSS equivalent properties of (X)HTML attributes are used for table formatting specifying.

Added separate option to check for beta versions to auto-update routine.

Now all exception messages are Unicode-enabled.

Fixed some minor bugs.

16-AUG-2011 - v 3.06, build 241

Fixed annoying bug that resulted in "There is no table at this location" exception message.

02-AUG-2011 - v 3.06

Added ability to preserve table alignment.

Added option to add 'style="margin: 0;"' attribute to empty paragraph tags.

Made minor interface improvements.

Fixed some minor bugs.

20-JUL-2011 - v 3.05

Added options to restrict table width to 100%, and to calculate it relative to full page width, including margins.

Added option to recognize styles derived from built-in Heading styles.

Added option to merge formatting attributes for list items with LI tag.

Fixed displaying of Word version for MS Word 2010 in log window and file.

Fixed bug with wrong recognition of document's saved state in MS Word Add-In (input document was always treated as unsaved).

12-JUL-2011 - v 3.03

Now "background-color" CSS property is used in tables, instead of "bgcolor" attribute.

20-JUN-2011 - v 3.02

Added variable "INPUT_FILENAME" (see HTML Templates section).

Fixed some bugs related to processing of network filenames.

17-JUN-2011 - v 3.01 (release)

Fixed some bugs.

Made minor improvements.

01-MAY-2011 - v 3.00 BETA

Added built-in HTML editor and browser.

Now Error icon will be displayed on Item Info Pane at the bottom if file was deleted.

Added support for variables and if-then-else conditions in HTML Templates processor.

Added image scaling by arbitrary value.

Somewhat increased speed of processing of footnotes and endnotes.

Added DocToHtml menu onto main MS Word menu (for MS Word 2003 or higher), and added many buttons to Ribbon Tab (for MS Word 2007 or higher).

Added ability to copy (X)HTML code of selection to clipboard from within MS Word.

Added option to omit footnotes and endnotes.

Added option to wrap long HTML code lines for easier editing.

Made many minor interface improvements.

08-APR-2011 - v 2.78

Fixed some bugs.

21-FEB-2011 - v 2.77

Fixed some bugs.

17-FEB-2011 - v 2.76

Fixed some interface issues.

05-FEB-2011 - v 2.75

Added mode for saving entered metatag values in MS Word Add-In.

Added option not to check whether input file format is supported.

Fixed some bugs.

28-JAN-2011 - v 2.74

Fixed some bugs.

Added mode for omitting empty paragraphs.

21-JAN-2011 - v 2.73

Now default system font is used for all forms of program.

Fixed various interface inconsistencies that appeared at different DPI settings.

18-JAN-2011 - v 2.72

Fixed bug with MS Word window appearing during conversion process, if launched from within MS Word.

Fixed bug that caused wrong background color of some text on many application windows.

10-JAN-2011 - v 2.71

Made minor interface improvements.

08-JAN-2011 - v 2.70

Added ability to process background color not only of table cells, but also of single characters.

Added ability to convert Text Boxes and Inline Text Frames.

Added ability to resize images.

30-DEC-2010 - v 2.60

Corrected Help documentation, and added topics about common issues.

Fixed some installation issues.

Added extensive debug-logging functionality.

Fixed bug that lead to "Access violation" message when clicking Conversion Log items under certain circumstances.

Made minor interface improvements.

27-NOV-2010 - v 2.50, build 175

Fixed problem with incorrect positioning of dialogs on some two-monitor configurations.

14-NOV-2010 - v 2.50

Added support for XHTML output format.

Added option to indent (X)HTML code.

Added Unicode-awareness for file masks.

Added support for network (UNC) paths in all open/save dialogs.

Added option not to use fractional values for width attribute.

Made some minor improvements.

Fixed some minor bugs.

10-OCT-2010 - v 2.00

Redesigned program settings dialog.

Added auto-updating functionality.

Added ability to restart MS Word during batch conversion upon certain conditions to improve robustness of operation.

Fixed some minor bugs.

01-OCT-2010 - v 1.12, build 167

Added support for lettered and Roman-numbered lists.

24-AUG-2010 - v 1.12

Implemented complete support for multilevel lists.

Added option not to use inline styles within <P> tag to specify font formatting.

Added conversion-options templates.

Added integration with Windows Explorer.

Added mechanism to collect system information for easier bug reporting.

Added prompt to create desktop and quick-launch icons during installation.

Added warning about incompatibility with 64-bit MS Word during installation.

Fixed many minor bugs.

Made minor changes.

01-AUG-2010 - v 1.11

Fixed bug with HTML Templates processing in stand-alone batch converter.

Added option to use relative file paths in project.

31-JUL-2010 - v 1.10

Added option to convert Tab characters into variable number of &nbsp; entities.

Added ability to preserve height of table rows.

Added option to represent empty paragraphs as paragraphs, not as <BR>.

25-JUL-2010 - v 1.09

Added option to either accept or discard all tracked changes.

Added ability to insert HTML code fragments at beginning and at end.

Added extensive bug reporting functionality.

Added some topics to Help documentation.

21-JUL-2010 - v 1.08

Fixed issue with processing of outlined lists.

19-JUL-2010 - v 1.07

Fixed issue with MS Word 2010 crashing on exit.

Added option not to include <P> into <LI> tags.

Added option to shrink sequences of spaces to single space.

15-JUL-2010 - v 1.06

Fixed issue with processing of folders in registered version.

09-JUL-2010 - v 1.05

Added option to represent all non-ASCII characters as numeric entities.

08-JUL-2010 - v 1.04

Fixed processing of nonbreaking spaces.

16-APR-2010 - v 1.03

Added ability to use <STRONG> instead of <B>, and <EM> instead of <I>.

Fixed some bugs.

25-MAR-2010 - v 1.02

Added ability to automatically detect hyperlinks and e-mails.

Added option not to include CSS.

Added option to downgrade headings.

24-MAR-2010 - v 1.01

Fixed some bugs.

Added option not to surround headings with <li> tags.

21-MAR-2010 - v 1.00

Added ability to selectively remove formatting.

Fixed some bugs.

16-MAR-2010 - v 1.00 BETA 5

Fixed issue with inability to type non-ASCII letters.

14-MAR-2010 - v 1.00 BETA 4

Fixed some bugs.