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Installation Issues

Normally, when the installation is complete, you can see and use the DocToHtml toolbar button in MS Word. If this button does not appear, or if you encounter another issue, do the following. Go to Start->Programs->DocToHtml, and click “Install or reinstall DocToHtml”. Then you should see the following dialog:

Install/reinstall DocToHtml Window

First select “Disintegrate DocToHtml and MS Word”, and then click the OK button. The installation program will temporarily disable the integration of the DocToHtml Add-In with MS Word.

After that, select the “Install or reinstall DocToHtml” menu item again, and then select “Integrate DocToHtml with MS Word”. The installation program will re-register the DocToHtml Add-In with MS Word. In most cases, that should fix the issue.

Make sure to allow the installation program have full access to your computer (that is, full administrative privileges), otherwise it will not work properly.

During the integration, the installer will alter the MS Word COM Add-Ins security settings in order to allow the DocToHtml Add-In to be loaded and executed. You can also modify them manually, as described below. Alternatively, you can just check the “Set proper MS Word COM Add-Ins security settings” checkbox on the installation page below. If this checkbox is unchecked, you may be unable to use the DocToHtml Add-In.

DocToHtml Setup Window

If the attempt to solve the issue by disintegration/integration fails, try completely uninstalling DocToHtml and then installing it again.

If DocToHtml doesn’t start after you’ve reinstalled it, make sure that MS Word settings allow DocToHtml Add-In to be loaded when MS Word starts. If DocToHtml is loaded, you should see the DocToHtml menu item in the MS Word main menu (or on the ribbon tab, if you are using MS Word 2007 or higher). If you cannot see such a menu item, try the steps described below, for your particular MS Word version:

 MS Word 2000
 MS Word 2003 or XP
 MS Word 2007
 MS Word 2010

If following the instructions above has not solved the problem, try taking the steps described in the Crash Recovery help topic.