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Meta Tags Tab of the MS Word Add-In

(to open it, click MS Word’s “Save as clean HTML...” toolbar button)

Meta Tags Tab of DocToHtml MS Word Add-In Options Dialog

Default Title value is an option that lets you specify the initial value for the “Title” tag. The default is “Original document's Title field.” To prevent DocToHtml from using the filename for the title tag when the “Title” document property is empty, enable the “Do not use filename as title if it is empty” option. Though the HTML 4.01 standard requires the title tag, you can still use the above option if you do not want the filename (without extension) to be used in place of an empty title. But if you prefer to use the filename as a title, enable the “Original document's filename” option.

You can also edit all metatags in the HEAD section in the resulting HTML file:

  • Title corresponds to the content of the <title> tag
  • Author corresponds to <meta name="author" content="Your value">
  • Description corresponds to <meta name="description" content="Your value">
  • Keywords corresponds to <meta name="keywords" content="Your value">
  • BaseHref corresponds to <base href="Your value">
  • Do not insert "generator" metatag—if you uncheck this checkbox, DocToHtml will insert the <meta name="generator" content="Opilion Software DocToHtml X.YY - MS Word to HTML converter - www.opilsoft.com"> tag into the HEAD section of the resulting HTML file. This may be useful if you forget the origin of the HTML document. If you don’t need the “generator” metatag, just check the checkbox. Note that the evaluation version of DocToHtml will insert the tag regardless of this setting.

Before displaying the values of the above metatags, DocToHtml will retrieve them from the document properties, unless the checkbox for the respective metatag is checked. If the latter is the case, the program will use the last-saved value instead. To see the values of metatags, open a dialog by clicking the File->Properties menu on the Summary Tab in MS Word (applicable to MS Word 2000, XP, or 2003). If you don’t change any settings on this tab AND if you have not enabled the use of the last-saved value for any tag, the resulting (X)HTML file will be populated with the default document properties. If you edit any of these properties, the modified values will be used instead. If any MetaTag’s value is blank (an empty string), the respective metatag will not be inserted into the resulting document.

In Conversion Options Templates, the checkbox at the right has a slightly different meaning: If you leave it unchecked, DocToHtml will not use any metatag values from the template; if the checkbox is checked, the respective metatag value from the template will be used.

Meta Tags Tab of the Batch Converter

(for the DocToHtml.exe stand-alone batch converter)

Meta Tags Tab of DocToHtml Batch Converter Options Dialog

This tab looks similar to that for the MS Word add-in, but the checkbox next to each metatag entry field has a different meaning. It is important to understand that the batch converter uses a hidden instance of MS Word to access and convert files that are to be processed. To reduce memory usage, MS Word is only launched just before the conversion and closed as soon as it is complete. So the batch converter does not retrieve the original document properties to display them on this tab. If the checkboxes on the right are unchecked, the batch converter will append the value that you have entered for the metatag to the default value of the respective document property, separating values by commas. For example, if the value of the Title property of the document is “Results” and you enter “Summary” for the Title metatag, the “Results, Summary” title will be used for the output HTML document. If you check the checkbox next to the text input field for the Title tag, the “Summary” title will be used instead. To remove any metatag, just blank its value and check the respective checkbox.