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Settings Dialog—General Tab

General Tab of DocToHtml Settings Dialog

Allow only one program instance—this option, when on, prevents the DocToHtml batch converter from starting another instance if already running. Instead, when an attempt to launch DocToHtml again is detected, the already-running instance will be brought to the foreground. This is the recommended behavior, enabled by default, since the conversion process involves using MS Word, which consumes system resources. Although possible, multiple conversion processes may bring Windows to an “out of resources” state. You can override this setting via the command line.

Remember last used property page in dialogs—setting this option on will force DocToHtml to open both “Conversion Options” and “Settings” dialogs on the last-used tab.

Show hints on buttons in toolbar—such hints may be helpful to novice users, so this option is on by default. As you become more familiar with the DocToHtml user interface, the hints might become annoying, and you may want to disable them.

Project file—you can specify the project file either here or via the main menu: File->Open DocToHtml project. A project file contains a list of input files and folders along with conversion options for each of them, and information about the previous conversion run associated with each conversion item.

Save project on exit without prompt—if you set this option on, DocToHtml will automatically save the current project on exit without displaying a confirmation dialog with the “Yes”, “No,” and “Cancel” buttons.

Include images into browsing sequence—with this option on, the program will display output image files, along with output HTML files, when you select “Browse Next Resulted File” or “Browse Previous Resulted File” in the popup menu of the built-in web browser.

Conversion Log file is a file to write the conversion log to. The conversion log will include the same strings as displayed on the Conversion Log tab of the Info Pane.

Command line to edit HTML (!.! - resulted file)—here you can specify an action to be executed when you select “Edit” in the popup menu of the Item Info tab of the Info Pane in the main window.

Check for updates automatically is an option that lets you be informed about the latest releases of DocToHtml. It is advisable to set this option on, so that you can receive all bug fixes and recent features as soon as they become available.

All DocToHtml settings are stored in the “settings.ini” file located in the DocToHtml subfolder of the user’s Application Data folder. To open the DocToHtml subfolder, type “%appdata%\DocToHtml” (without quotes) in the Windows Explorer address bar.