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How to Get DocToHtml Personal License for Free

One of the best ways to get a free license is to translate part of the program's user interface to your native language, if that language is not already in the list of available translations. You don't have to translate the whole interface, and you don't have to understand the internal mechanisms of how the program works. You only have to translate pharses precisely and accurately. For details, please contact us at

If you have a live blog, you can write a post about how our Doc To HTML converter helps you in your work or daily tasks, with link to DocToHtml official page in it, send us a request at, and after we'll receive your message and review your post, your free Personal registration key will be sent to you. Your blog must not be a spam blog, it must be active, and it must be indexed by Google.

If you have an active membership on some technical resource, i.e., you periodically write articles, reviews, have some reputation, you can put your review there. If you are an active member of some forum, audience of which somehow falls into category of potential users of DocToHtml, you can recommend it to others by posting a message in relevant categories/topics. But please note that we will not grant you a license in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam.

If you own a website you can just place a link to the program's page with short description about what DocToHtml can do, on some webpage which is indexed by Google. This webpage also should not contain too much other external hyperlinks. If page content will be somehow related to web-design or web-development, it would be great.

This link can also be an affiliate link, so that you will receive 30% of purchase amount from every customer who will purchase DocToHtml after clicking on that link.

We also periodically release new beta versions of DocToHtml, and everyone who have found any bug in such version, can e-mail us about it and receive free registration key.

Another way to get the program for free is to add new script to our set of JavaScript files which convert MS Word fields. For details, please consult Java Script Help topic, which is subentry of Using DocToHtml->Conversion Options Dialog->Advanced Tab section (starting from version 3.26 of the program).

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