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Documents Converted with DocToHtml

Below you see table of links to documents, both original and converted. You can examine each DOC-HTML pair to see how DocToHtml works. Conversion has been made with settings specified in test.dsj, and no manual correction was performed. Link back to this page at the top and at the bottom of every resulted HTML was included using DocToHtml HTML templates insertion capability.

Document's contentMS Word original documentResulted HTML document
Real table conversion testreal_table.docreal_table.html
Unicode characters processing testunicode.docunicode.html
The TrueType Font specification, chapter 44CHAPT.DOC4CHAPT.HTML
Office 2007 Pros and ConsOffice 2007 Pros and Cons.docOffice 2007 Pros and Cons.html
Functional Architecture Specification Draft 0.12
P2PNA Spec Draft0.12.docP2PNA Spec Draft0.12.html
Microsoft Office 2000 Browser Compatabilityo2kbcwp.doco2kbcwp.html
Test DocToHtml project that was used to perform conversiontest.dsj
All the above files in one single (1.5 MB)

You can check yourself that each HTML document was obtained by automatic conversion. To do this, download DocToHtml, and all of the above MS Word documents along with test project, open test project in batch converter, and press "Convert ALL" button. Put input MS Word documents into the same folder as test.dsj for the program to be able to find it.

You can also see fragment of the HTML code from one of these converted documents at our Sample HTML code page.