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"A couple of weeks ago I happened to come across the program DocToHtml from Opilion Software. I thought that it might be worth to test it too, since I still had not found anything I was completely happy with. As thought, so I did.
The impression so far is very good. DocToHtml has a variety of options, and I find that it delivers good, clean HTML I can import and use without further ado."

Tore Johnny
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"Thanks for a great product - I'm currently investigating solutions for converting my team's .doc(x) based support materials to HTML programatically, and DocToHtml is thus far the best by some measure of all the solutions I've come across, producing nice clean and non-fussy HTML."

Chris Sparks

"I found DocToHtml Converter very good, easy to use and really fast in doing the assigned job accurately. Thank you for this wonderful program."

Nobby Mathew

"Very useful little tool, had a load of old Word docs to convert for a wiki site at work and this has proven a very quick and simple way to batch convert these to HTML. Great utility. "

Phil Bradley
Infrastructure Technician
Interserve Support Services
Services, maintenance and building

"I am very happy to have discovered your DocToHtml tool. It's just the thing I've been looking for."

Richard Read

"I am collecting and digitizing my family's treasured photographs, recipes, awards etc. After scanning and OCRing the documents (**Software title here**), I proof them in Word (2003). I decided to make HTML the final format since it seems to be the easiest to convert for any reading device.
To make a long story short, after saving a document to web page filtered I was never been able to format to my iPhone. Using DocToHtml solved my problem. The new html documents should work for everyone."


"After looking at several other products and countless techniques, Doc to HTML Converter has resulted in the cleanest HTML output from my Word 2003 document.
Not only it is clean, it's organized cleanly too with visual line breaks in the source code for easy viewing.
I would definitely recommend it to others.

E. Shneider

"I'm really surprised with the flexibility and efficacity of DocToHtml. The exact tool I was looking for.
Their technical support was excellent and answered to my enquiries really quickly. Definitely a product you can relay on."

Rolando Pedrozo

"Very capable and useful add-in"

Glenn McCreedy

"There are other paths to convert MS Word docs to clean HTML, but yours is the easiest and the best."

Patterson, Paul J.

"This is a robust conversion utility. It eliminates a huge amount of the work that must be done to clean up Word documents when converting them to HTML!"

Claude Whitmyer

"I needed a program to convert my MS Word files into HTML files that could be used online. I tried a couple of software programs that did the conversions but the results were bloated with unnecessary code and also didn't validate, which was unacceptable to me. DocToHtml, however, proved to be just what I was looking for – it took my Word file and produced a clean XHTML file that validated. A nice little program."

Michele Welton

"It's first-rate software that has already saved me a lot of time."

Norman Drinkwater

"Your converter really impressed me. I’m no novice and can state unequivocally that your solution is the best I’ve found"

Jeff Baird
Website: Joseph Digital, Web Design & Photography

"DocToHtml - smart, flexible and easy to use application designed to convert MS Word type documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.) to (X)HTML fully compliant with W3C standards." editor team

"Your software is the absolute best DOC to HTML converter. I've tried them all, even *******, which retails for more than 3 times your software. Yours is also much faster and easier to use. Great job on that! There was one issue which disappeared after following procedures described in the help documentation, but even if I have to live with bugs, it's still better than anything else. It's better because it gives you all the options you need to get exactly the code you want."

Jessica Bosari

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